“It’s got nothing to do with Vorsprung durch Technik, you know?(Parklife)(Parklife) and it’s not about you joggersWho go round and round and round(Parklife)(Parklife)” ParklifeBlur Sharp-eyed marketing types will understand why parklife has a lower-case ‘p’ in the title. The rest of you won’t care one bit. The second lot of people; you’re damn right. I’ve … More parklife

Remembering Kate

Running since the marathon has been something of a trial. In this particular trial, the prosecution is pushing hard for a ‘guilty for being an eejit’ verdict. And who am I to argue? I think my defence is going to crumble. The evidence is clear. The accused tried to run a marathon dressed as a … More Remembering Kate


I have invented a new term for the running community. It’s called Foamo. It’s a really awful play on words, and describes how just about every runner you’ve ever met will still get a little bit silly about a new pair of running shoes. And in particular, that added niggling neurosis that they are somehow … More FOAMO


Today was the day for collecting acorns. My daughter and I like to do these things together. It’s not a conspiratorial thing; for my part, I just enjoy hanging out with her. Hopefully she feels the same way. But in any case, the world decided that perhaps it wasn’t the day for acorns after all. … More Acorns

A wobbly week

Week Three draws to a close and Autumn has finally arrived. In truth, we have had another decent Summer, and the next logical season was bound to arrive sooner or later. But without doubt, if nature is any arbiter (and she is), then the climate and all that is bound by its rules have made … More A wobbly week

Clearing out my locker

After nearly sixteen years as a firefighter in my local station, I have decided to hang up my boots. It’s been quite the ride. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of… no, sorry. That’s not my speech. Apologies. My speech will be far more mundane, assuming I get … More Clearing out my locker

Much, too much…

“I hope you’re not doing too much running!” says my Mother, as soon as I pop my head into the kitchen. No ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’; just straight to the point. My Mum’s good at getting straight to the point. I suppose it’s an English thing. My Mum also reads this blog, so perhaps … More Much, too much…