Running in circles – the Donadea 50k race report

‘You could be packed up and readyKnowing exactly where to goHow come you miss the connection?No use in asking, the answer is nobody knowsNo use in asking, the answer is nobody knows.’ Nobody KnowsPaul Brady Running around in circles may be just about the most perfect analogy for life sometimes. I mean, it’s just sitting … More Running in circles – the Donadea 50k race report

St. Declan’s Way, Declan’s way

“According to his Life, Declán is reposed in the Lord at his monastery in Ardmore and was subsequently buried there. His feast day in the martyrologies is 24 July.[1][10] A Middle Irish note added to the Félire Óengusso, which is of no historical value, tells that Declán was responsible for introducing rye (Irish secal, from Latin secale) into Ireland.[21][22]St Declan’s Stone on Ardmore beach; … More St. Declan’s Way, Declan’s way

Life happens

Here follows a short post. Because life is happening right now. It’s not coming to a cinema near you, per se, though that too is life. Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. John Lennon, apparently, though I doubt anyone will ever accredit a quote anymore these days, thanks to the internet. I … More Life happens

It’s a done deal

Donadea 50k approaches. It’s coming. Nothing can stop it. Well, actually, now that I write that, I realise that any number of things could actually derail it, so perhaps I had best not tempt fate. It’s due to kick off on Saturday, February 12th in Donadea Park at 9am. I recall the first time this … More It’s a done deal