Thanks, Clodagh…

Apparently we have Clodagh to thank for all the poxy weather lately. Well, to be fair to Clodagh, when you live on a rock on the edge of the Atlantic, Winter storms are to be expected. So frequent are they, in fact, that they give them all names. And in the spirit of fairness, they … More Thanks, Clodagh…

One more wrinkle

Dear old Park Run emailed me this morning to wish me a happy birthday, which is terribly nice of them (even if I do appreciate that it’s all automated). In any case, my lovely family had not forgotten, and I was showered with gifts and brought breakfast in bed. Amongst the many goodies was the Neo … More One more wrinkle

Heavy hearts

They say bad things come in threes. I’m finding it hard to argue with that this afternoon, though normally that sort of numerological guff doesn’t work for me. In the lead up to the 10k, both of us had a tummy bug. Hot, stuffy head, back aches and upset stomach. Mine, fortunately, blew over during the … More Heavy hearts

Have you got a mo’?

It’s definitely November. November in Ireland is traditionally a month when any thoughts of misty mellow fruitfulness are blasted clean from your mind as Atlantic storms race across the ocean and take it in turns to essentially kick the shit of this small, wet rock on the edge of Europe we call home. It’s just the … More Have you got a mo’?

Getting winter-ready

Suddenly it’s Hallowe’en, the clocks have gone back, and we are plunged into what feels like preternatural darkness. This is not the case of course, but it does seem to sneak up every year, and then suddenly heading out for a run after work becomes tricky or downright impossible, unless you have either a well-lit route, … More Getting winter-ready