Save the Park

Hi All, I haven’t posted for a while (forgive me father, for I have sinned) and that’s mostly because I have been busy with work. Not a bad complaint I guess. So, quick and dirty. Check out this petition, and please sign it and pass it on. It’s where I run all the time. It’s … More Save the Park

Ducks in a row

IN WHICH THERE ARE RUNS THAT RAN OUT, WALKS BY THE CANAL, EVEN MORE CANAL (THIS TIME IN KAYAKS) AND A NICE CODA The workout schedule has gone a little hat-stand but that’s okay. Last saturday was a short run after a long, hot day. As I recall, a good day. An early start, and then … More Ducks in a row

Safe travels

Just a quick shout out to Kristian at MdS Challenge who’s heading off to the world’s biggest desert to do a light spot of running. Here’s the official website if you fancy checking up on the factual stuff. I am of course talking about the Marathon des Sables, sables being the French for sands. So the … More Safe travels

I can see Ciara now Lorraine has gone…

TIGER, tiger, burning bright  In the forests of the night,  What immortal hand or eye  Could frame thy fearful symmetry? William Blake ‘The Tiger’ Another busy week. Three runs (Tuesday, Thursday and today, Saturday,) for about 32k all told. And there should be another 10k tomorrow. With Pilates on Monday, and a gym session on … More I can see Ciara now Lorraine has gone…


IN WHICH WE HAVE A TOUGH FEW DAYS AT THE OFFICE, TAKE AN ENFORCED RUNNING HIATUS, AND SURVIVE THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL RELATIVELY UNSCATHED Every two years, fire personnel have to undertake Breathing Apparatus refresher courses. For us, it’s a three day course, and it’s fairly full on. Essentially, if you can’t pass this course, you can’t … More Colours!

Whale-riding in Kildare

Today feels like the first day of Spring this year. At the moment, it’s blue skies and sunshine, and everyone, myself included, is out walking their dog. Along the Black Avenue, the usual suspects are out and about, including the perennial Lesser Celandine, which I suspect many folk dismiss as buttercups. They are of the … More Whale-riding in Kildare