Itching to get back

Well, given the last few weeks of itchy misery here, it was inevitable that I would concoct such a cheesy headline. And so, here it is. My curious incident with the dog in the park was not, as it turned out, my biggest problem, but the rather strange and unexpected reaction to penicillin I was … More Itching to get back

Dog day afternoon

Ladies and gentlemen, play has been suspended. I had a little incident on Sunday afternoon in the local dog park. I intervened in a little tête-à-tête between one of my dogs and a spaniel. I have since learned some valuable lessons about how not to separate fighting dogs, but as is often the case in … More Dog day afternoon

Farewell, Octo

It was a quiet enough week. Work has been tipping along. The fire service continues to be on something of a go-slow, despite one very long call to a hay barn fire this Friday. I’ve cut back on the running to three short sessions this week (well, I may sneak out tomorrow!) after the two-week … More Farewell, Octo