Dog day afternoon

A Wood Anemone in the woods (of all places!)

Ladies and gentlemen, play has been suspended.

I had a little incident on Sunday afternoon in the local dog park. I intervened in a little tête-à-tête between one of my dogs and a spaniel. I have since learned some valuable lessons about how not to separate fighting dogs, but as is often the case in life, the lesson was earned in a rather painful way.

The first of the three images here was taken shortly after the spaniel and I parted company, and shortly before I hoofed it over to the local medical centre for a clean-up, dressing and tetanus booster. The second one was yesterday, when the first dressing was removed, and the x-ray was taken in hospital not long after. My doctor was not happy with the swelling and heat, and reckoned as a precaution it would be good to get a blood test and a change of antibiotic.

And so I had to scoot into Dublin to one of the major hospitals in the middle of wave three. But they were great, I have to say. Bloods and x-ray turned around within an hour or two, and a new dressing and change of antibiotic. The doc was happy not to admit me, and so was I.

The downside is that I am off duty with the brigade, naturally. I can still work at the desk at home, but all the fun stuff, like running and getting the bike back together, are on hold. The bike is particularly frustrating, because I have all the parts now… oh well, it’s not as if we could go anywhere exciting, even if I had the best bike in the world. (What is the best bike in the world, I hear you say? Well, it’s the one your arse is plonked on during a pleasant ride in the country on a Summer’s day, with the fresh breeze on your skin, and gentle tailwind pushing you home.)

And what did Odi make of all the shenanigans? Well, the picture tells you all you need to know…

15 thoughts on “Dog day afternoon

  1. Oops! That’s really bad. How did you manage to type this blog post!
    Good to know that you didn’t need to get admitted. I am glad about myself too about the same thing. Though in hindsight I feel going to the hospital and getting admitted at the peak of my fever would have been good.
    Your bike is there waiting for you whenever you get well and that won’t be long.
    Sending good wishes for a faster healing.

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