A floral tribute

I followed up the Djouce summit last Saturday with a more traditional unironedman route on Sunday, heading out through the local park, and then around by the state labs via Tubber Lane. This road was closed to all traffic including pedestrians, while the new link road was being built, but I’m happy to see now … More A floral tribute

Crone to Djouce

Today’s early run/hike was from Crone Woods car park to the summit of Djouce and back. It was certainly less ambitious than last week’s instalment of the ‘Wicklow Way Recce Sessions’ with Gary, but that’s because Gary had better things to be doing today, and I was on my tod. But that’s fine, because it’s … More Crone to Djouce

A scattering

I had a less than gentle reminder of the vagaries of hill-running as regards just how long it can take. Or perhaps just how hard it can be to judge timings; either way, a useful lesson for the upcoming venture along the Wicklow Way. This was last weekend, when a number of family members met … More A scattering

Misty Mountain Hop

Gary and I have just stepped off the road. It’s good to be away from the tar and traffic and back on the trails. We are retracing our steps, so we know there is a steep climb up out of the valley. We both stop, literally, in our tracks. Just up ahead, to our left, … More Misty Mountain Hop

Welcome to IMRA

Most of you won’t have heard of IMRA. It stands for the Irish Mountain Running Association. You can find them online here. I joined up recently, and last week, I had my first race, and yesterday was my second. It’s a great organisation. Membership is ten quid a year (yes, ten quid*), and each race … More Welcome to IMRA