Back on the clock

How’s your lockdown? To suggest that your mileage may vary would be a massive understatement. Not too many countries come out of this coronavirus pandemic with gold stars, but definitely New Zealand gets an honourable mention. Here in Ireland, we have done okay. Okay is a piss-poor word if you were stuck in a nursing … More Back on the clock


“The whole world is in a terrible state o’ chassis…” ‘Captain’ Jack Boyle Juno and the Paycock Seán O’Casey That line is well-known to most Irish folk, and I suspect to a wider audience of theatre-goers the world over. Though no doubt each country somewhat over-eggs the pudding when it comes to their perceived global … More Chassis

Green shoots

Well, there’s not a whole lot going here at the moment. Lockdown tends to put a stop to your gallop. The race I should have been gearing up for (Gael Force West Adventure Race in Connemara) has been postponed. The only structured training I am doing at the moment is running, and even then, ‘structured’ … More Green shoots