New shoes

Me? A shill for the corporate gods of marketing war and the big machine of global free-market capitalism? Never! Unless, of course, there’s a pandemic on, and all my runners are literally falling apart at the seams, and the shops are closed. In which case, yes; maybe… And as someone adroitly pointed out, you can’t … More New shoes

Canal dreams

The heading gave me a little brain tingle, so I checked it out, and sure enough, it is indeed a title of an Iain Banks novel. I’ve read quite a few of his, and they’re damn fine, but I haven’t gotten around to this one yet. Still, after Christmas, there is always a neat pile … More Canal dreams

New Year, New You…

You are perfectly entitled to hate that heading. What sensible person wouldn’t? Look, there’s nothing wrong with making a few promises to yourself. Eat a little more sensibly. Maybe cut out something from your diet. Or give up the smokes. Or take up exercise. But everything in moderation. Nothing sets you up for failure like … More New Year, New You…

Streaky bacon

There is no particular rhyme nor reason to that headline, other than I was trying build ‘streak’ into it somewhere, as in ‘run streak’. Also, I just had lunch, and you may be surprised to learn that I did indeed have some streaky bacon… Anyway, all that buffoonery aside, I had a nice run today … More Streaky bacon

A fatal flaw

Alright. Who writes these ‘gotcha’ headlines? It has to stop. This isn’t the Daily Mail, for fuck’s sake. (Note: this is the correct usage of the phrase. It’s the genitive case, so the apostrophe is warranted. Grammar is important. Like I said: it’s not the red tops around here…) Anyway, the flaw in the logic … More A fatal flaw