Ah sure what the hell…


Just back in from a 10k run, or thereabouts, in the Park. I sometimes take the phone with me, and clock the run. Using SmartRunner allows you to record a wide variety of stats, most of which we all ignore.

Elevation, for example, is moderately interesting, but if you know the route reasonably well, it won’t come as any great surprise to learn there was a hill there… But other stats are quite useful, and pace is definitely the key to unlocking everything.

But I was just thinking. The average pace on that 10k (okay, so it was 9.8) was 5.35 minutes per kilometre. In order to do a sub-four hour marathon, you need to be doing 5.40 pace. Which is 9.09 minutes a mile for you old-schoolers out there, and readers across both ponds (east and west).

Nothing new there.

But coming off the back of the ironman race in August means I should be in good shape. And with Dublin at the end of October… there may never be a better time to finally conquer my nemesis.

I have never gone sub-four. And indeed, only a quarter of marathon runners do just that.

So anyway, what the hell. Just for the laugh. Why not.

We’ll do our first ironman race this year, and then go sub-four in the Dublin Marathon a few months later.

So. No pressure then.

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