Run, actually

The last few weeks have been work and running. Though mostly in the form of running, then work. That’s because trying to do 9 miles in the dark at night is not a whole heap of fun. So the midweek runs have meant early starts and getting the runs out of the way. These are … More Run, actually

A wobbly week

Week Three draws to a close and Autumn has finally arrived. In truth, we have had another decent Summer, and the next logical season was bound to arrive sooner or later. But without doubt, if nature is any arbiter (and she is), then the climate and all that is bound by its rules have made … More A wobbly week

Much, too much…

“I hope you’re not doing too much running!” says my Mother, as soon as I pop my head into the kitchen. No ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’; just straight to the point. My Mum’s good at getting straight to the point. I suppose it’s an English thing. My Mum also reads this blog, so perhaps … More Much, too much…

That’s life

IN WHICH WE HAVE A LITTLE DIP (AND NOT THE CELERY AND HUMMUS KIND), CONTINUE WITH PLANS FOR THE MARATHON, AND GET BACK ON TRACK Life is what happens when you are busy making plans, to paraphrase the great John Lennon. This week had that sort of vibe. In fairness, nothing extraordinary, and sometimes, that’s … More That’s life