Have you got a mo’?

It’s definitely November.

November in Ireland is traditionally a month when any thoughts of misty mellow fruitfulness are blasted clean from your mind as Atlantic storms race across the ocean and take it in turns to essentially kick the shit of this small, wet rock on the edge of Europe we call home.

It’s just the weather. No point in getting too upset really. And to borrow that most stoic Scandinavian phrase: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing…”

Don't try and sneak in and register... we've already done that!
Don’t try and sneak in and register… we’ve already done that!

The other giveaway that we are into the penultimate month of the year are the strange growths appearing on top lips. Yes, it’s Movember, and the time for getting your mo’ on. Several of the crew in the station have agreed to chip in with some very dodgy looking ‘taches and I’m no different. Here’s the link if you happen to find some loose change down the back of a sofa.

I don't know what's scarier... the mo' or the weather...
I don’t know what’s scarier… the mo’ or the weather…

In addition, Saoirse and I are going to do battle with high winds and rain tomorrow in Phoenix Park. It’s a Movember run, and we’re both signed up for the 10k.

The weather today has been fairly hairy, and as we registered this morning after a quick swim, the marquees were threatening to lift off and head for the Irish Sea. We grabbed our race numbers and beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the car as the race crew struggled to pin the tents to the ground.


The forecast for tomorrow is for up to 10mm of rain, or close to half an inch in old money. With very chilly winds. It’s going to be epic! By the way, The Norwegian weather forecasts are usually pretty good. Check them out if you haven’t already done so.

In other news, The Triathlete’s Training Bible has arrived. First impressions (in a very flip fashion) are that it’s big. It also has fewer pictures than I would like. As I say, flip.

Once the dust has settled here on the madness of this week (end of year accounts and lots of office work) I will get stuck into it properly. From it I hope to devise a plan for next year’s ironman event. The book comes highly recommended, so here’s hoping. I will keep the blog posted on any gems.

Now the mo’ has to go! Race report shortly…

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