Farewell, 2018

Well, a quick post follows. The year has ended in that typical rush, when all the jobs you thought you had lots of time to complete all telescoped into one mad scramble. I suppose ripping out the home office, redecorating, and trying to reassemble everything in time for work wasn’t the best plan. But if … More Farewell, 2018

A step too far

Winter is well and truly upon us. The bird feeders have been stocked, firewood has been delivered and stacked, and shopping bags are starting to accumulate in the bedroom, with orders not to look inside. On Saturday, I dragged my weary bones over to Castletown House demense to see if I could make a dent … More A step too far

The week ‘flu by…

Well, that’s been one strange week. It started at the end, so to speak, with the last day of 2017. We had planned to have some friends over for the night’s festivities, and watch Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. By the time I had crawled home from the morning exertions along the canal bank, it was clear … More The week ‘flu by…

Wisely and slow

Tender woman mourns a man Sits in silent sorrow with a bottle in her hand Tell me all you need to tell Why is it you whisper when you really need to yell ‘Wisely and Slow’ The Staves Well the next few months is starting to take shape. If all goes well, Mark and I … More Wisely and slow