Wisely and slow

Tender woman mourns a man Sits in silent sorrow with a bottle in her hand Tell me all you need to tell Why is it you whisper when you really need to yell ‘Wisely and Slow’ The Staves Well the next few months is starting to take shape. If all goes well, Mark and I … More Wisely and slow

On the road again

Woah, all I want is on the road again Just can’t wait to get on the road again The life I love is makin’ music with my friends And I can’t wait to get on the road again ‘On the road again’ Willie Nelson So I was having a mild case of the ‘what ifs’ … More On the road again

Break a leg

“Me and some guys from school Had a band and we tried real hard. Jimmy quit, Jody got married I should’ve known we’d never get far” ‘Summer of ’69’ Bryan Adams. …IN WHICH THE OLD YEAR FINISHES UP WITH A DECENT RUN, BUT THE NEW ONE STARTS OFF WITH AN UNFORTUNATE BANG… HERE BUT FOR THE … More Break a leg