Farewell, 2018

Well, a quick post follows. The year has ended in that typical rush, when all the jobs you thought you had lots of time to complete all telescoped into one mad scramble. I suppose ripping out the home office, redecorating, and trying to reassemble everything in time for work wasn’t the best plan. But if not over this holiday time, it was never going to happen…

Anyway the season finished in proper style with the classic Lock Up The Year half-marathon trail run. The weather was kind, and Mark and I knocked out a decent 1.47:30, which is decent enough, given how little running we have done since Dublin.

This year, because of work on the towpath, it was an out-and-back from Leixlip towards Kilcock.

As always, it’s back to the Le Chéile clubhouse for soup and sandwiches, and there was even Christmas cake. Huge kudos to Brendan Murphy and all the gang that make it happen.

A great way to finish up the year, and now we can set our sights on 2019.

All the best to you out there with your plans and goals. Remember, you don’t have to try and achieve them all by the end of the week… you have a whole year ahead 😉

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