More park life!

No point in making a cheesy joke if you can’t labour the point. And just like buses that arrive in pairs after a long delay, I managed a second parkrun this Saturday after a lengthy absence from this wonderful event. And it’s certainly not for any lack of love for parkrun, which has been a … More More park life!


“It’s got nothing to do with Vorsprung durch Technik, you know?(Parklife)(Parklife) and it’s not about you joggersWho go round and round and round(Parklife)(Parklife)” ParklifeBlur Sharp-eyed marketing types will understand why parklife has a lower-case ‘p’ in the title. The rest of you won’t care one bit. The second lot of people; you’re damn right. I’ve … More parklife

50 not out

I am a runner. Let me explain. Perhaps I should start from this morning. With sausages. And black and white pudding. With eggs, tea and toast. In bed. A cooked breakfast in bed? On a Monday morning? What is this sorcery? And gifts! Gifts and cards. That can only mean one thing. Another turn of … More 50 not out

It’s art, Deco

IN WHICH WE REVISIT THE END POINT OF THE DUBLIN MARATHON NOT ONCE BUT TWICE, GET A SERIOUS DOSE OF CULTURE, AND SEE HOW THE LEGS ARE HOLDING UP WITH A PARKRUN… With no set target on the horizon, the training has drifted a little. This is to be expected. The programme for the marathon … More It’s art, Deco

Ah, seriously!

We near the end of another week, and with one more long run to go in the morning, I will probably recap on the week’s training tomorrow. ‘Coz I know your week wouldn’t be the same without these regular updates… But just a quick one on a running-related matter. I run in the local park … More Ah, seriously!

“Suits you, sir”

IN WHICH WE FINALLY, SORT OF, WELL, KICKSTART OUR MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAMME WITH SOME SERIOUS, EH, WALKING, RUNNING AND SWIMMING… AND SOME REALLY TASTY FISH AND CHIPS… I decided the Olympic triathlon would be a good starting point for getting serious with the marathon training programme. The marathon is not until the end of October, … More “Suits you, sir”