A Tri for training

Last week’s long runs were supposed to be repeated this weekend, but as usual, life gets in the way. In this instance, though, it was a good distraction. For the last month or so, I knew I was stepping for S in the Athy triathlon. Even though it was her great idea to get two … More A Tri for training

Hitchin’ a ride…

IN WHICH WE CONTINUE TO TRAIN AND DEVISE A CUNNING PLAN FOR ENSURING TARGETS ARE MET, AND WE DISCOVER SOMEONE HAS BEEN HITCHING A RIDE, PLUS ODI BREAKS A NAIL… Another busy week, and a fine week, weather-wise. S had a significant birthday on Wednesday, and of course it would be rude to mention the … More Hitchin’ a ride…


There is something scrotum-tighteningly exciting about getting that race pack email! I hadn’t planned to do an Olympic triathlon this year but it’s landed in my lap, and is only a few days away. And now the fun begins; getting all the gear together… Roll on TriAthy. Now, I’m off to check the weather forecast!

Hardman Triathlon

Well, the Hardman Triathlon took place last month (August 22nd). This is the one I am training for, so it’s great to see some reports of the race. This is a¬†Facebook link for lots more pics and information. And another nice report of the race from a volunteer’s viewpoint. Apparently you can sign up for … More Hardman Triathlon