“I write the songs, I write the songs…”

Ear worms. They can be dreadful little beasties.

The programme started yesterday, and not without a few hiccoughs. I was busy in the office and forgot the time, so missed out on the 12.45 swim in the local pool. Then berated myself and promptly re-engaged with work only to realise it was nearly 5 o’clock and I was in danger of missing the next one.

Anyway, the swim was swam (or is that swum) and it was ok, even though I didn’t have a lane and was at the mercy of the jack pike (little critters that dart all over the pool in search of floats, balls, and other odd-shaped plastic devices. Kids, I believe they are called).

The workout was a standard warm-up, followed by 4 sets of 200 metres, then a warm-down.

Today, it was the bike. The good people at Lidl are doing these little zip up display cases for your smartphone that clip on to your handlebars. Seemed like a good idea, though of course no sooner had I set off than I remembered SmartRunner (and all the other apps) black out after 5 minutes. Must tweak those settings in future. Still, handy to have the phone in front of you, I guess. It does say they are not waterproof, so perhaps of limited use in our weather.

The stats say 33 kms in 1hr and 17mins, for an average speed of 25.6 km/h. It was made up of 20 mins of warm-up, with 2 sets of 20 mins at decent pace, with a 10 min easy spell in between. Needless to say, these sessions would work better with a heart rate monitor or some other way to measure your effort. But for now, I will just have to trust my legs.

My companion on the ride was Barry Manilow. Not THE Barry Manilow, of course, but one of his classic hits. I have no idea why “I write the songs” was playing over and over again in my head, but it was. Complete with string section. Jaysus.

Anyway, here’s the link, if you dare…

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