The Woods…

Training continues for the Donadea 50k though I am currently not ‘feeling the love’. And there’s not that much time to get back into the running groove. Still. Mustn’t grumble. All will be well.

The core work is at least on track. Three gym sessions a week in the morning, plus one of Pilates on Monday evenings. And then just tippin’ away at the running. Last week’s long run was truncated, largely due to a lack of energy. The mid-week hill repeats were a horror show. This week was hampered a little with a sore Achilles. And as any good runner does, when you have an injury, what do you do? You go out for a run, just to see if it’s still injured.

This evening’s run was one of those sort of decisions. The evening was cold, crisp, and just about perfect. It had to be experienced first-hand, even though I had planned to take a rest day. After work, as twilight was dropping, I threw on a few things and headed out for a short spin of about 6-7k. Sure what harm! I’ll go easy…

As I made it down towards the wet meadow near the Liffey, a shroud of mist was coming in off the river. No camera would do it justice. But it brought to mind one of my favourite poems. So here is my homage to Robert Frost. With apologies:

Whose woods these are I think I know
The ranger’s in his station though
He will not mind me running here
As the field fills up with mist, not snow

My Garmin watch must think it odd
To stop without a stretch of the quad
Between the beech and shallow lake
As darkness falls, on I must plod

It gives a little beep to say
Perhaps we should be on our way
The only other sound’s the cheep
Of a little Robin, in the brae

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have training schedules to keep
And miles to run before I sleep
And miles to run before I sleep

15 miler on Saturday. That might tell me a few things 😉

Be safe out there. Keep the lights on. And enjoy it.

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