T up!

2017-03-24 10.56.23

A certain blogger who will remain nameless (hi Jim!) sent these over. They arrived in the post today. Saoirse’s says ‘Namacyclist – the cyclist in me respects the cyclist in you’ and mine says ‘A high end bike won’t fix low-end legs – respect the engine’. Whether by accident or design, I reckon these are both spot on 😉

Cheers Jim. We love a good T here at unironedman and dreadmillblog! Perfect fit too.

In other news, a surprise parcel of goodies arrived at the station, courtesy of Neil Cusker and the Run for Mum. For more on this great event, read a previous post here. I still suspect some clerical error but apparently I got this for the Master Men category. Or seniors. Or vets. Or old farts. Whichever way you want to call it. I know I did a reasonably good time, but I didn’t think it qualified for any kind of reward. Nor is that the reason we do it. But sure it’s nice to get a few goodies now and then. Today is the day for getting goodies, it seems!

Cheers for now, and be safe out there.

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