Does it blend?

Simply outstanding in her own field. A Highland Cow cools here hooves in the water meadow in St. Catherine’s Park.

Another week is drawing to a close. Another week of training. The big day draws ever closer. And like all big days, it will come, and it will go. And then we may have to think about doing something else. But for now, that can wait.

Monday: recovery run. Was an odd one. We had been alerted to what turned out to be a fatal car crash about half a mile from our station. But as it was over the county border, we were stood down by control before we had a chance to set off. I knew where the crash was, so I went for a jog in that general direction. That makes me sound like some kind of ghoulish rubber-necker, but in truth I knew there would be little to see (and I had no wish to see any more of that; we have enough on the job). But I thought there might be some of the Dublin brigade knocking about, so I was really going to have a chat with the lads from the capital. Anyway, they had all left by that stage, so I had a chat with a Garda on scene and went on my way. Which in this case meant taking a short cut through the local pitch and putt course. They do say golf is just a way of spoiling a walk in the country, so in this way, I was trying to redress that balance. I had to mooch about on a fairway or two before I found the gap I was looking for, and to get back on track in the park. The watch threw a loop, though, so it messed with the stats. By the time I was finishing up, I was a tad bored, so I tried to spell out a rude word on the pitches. The result on the Garmin Connect screen is inconclusive, so I need to work a little harder on my run-writing skills…

Tuesday: speed work, lots of laps of the pitches again. About 12k of various loops.

Wednesday: shock, horror, but I took a day off. I was feeling run down (!). There is a bit of a dose going around, so I decided to take it easy. It was lashing down as well, so a run in that would not have helped the health.

Thursday: pace run, and did this with Ciaran from the station. We clocked up about 15k in about marathon pace. Did that in the park.

Friday: recovery run. Managed the full 13k as per the programme, and at did that in bang-on 6 minute pace. Of great excitement was the moment when I dropped my hat. Well, actually, I wasn’t aware of that moment, but about a kilometre later I realised it was missing and had to double-back up the Hill of Doom (© SK 2017). There it was, forlorn and lost, in the middle of the top path. That was my Hardman hat, so I didn’t want to lose it. Perhaps the safest place for it is on my head…

Saturday: long run day. Early start too, to meet up with Ciaran and his gang. Mark agreed to join us and we all set off at 7am. It was a familiar route to us, but not for Mark, and I think he enjoyed it. We shuffled around Leixlip for a few kilometres, then headed out to Carton. A couple of loops there, and then into Maynooth village where Mark and I parted company, as we were only in for 25k. We picked up the pace along the canal towpath, and got under marathon pace for the last 5 or so. All told, the guts of 27k in 2:47 for 6:16 pace. A good way to round off the week’s training.

I am happy enough at this stage with the gel and drink strategy. I know what I will be wearing. Now I just need to stay fit for the next month, and injury-free. One more decent long next Saturday (32k) and then we start into a slow taper.


When I started the blog back in June 2015, I had just bought this blender from Lidl. As such, I didn’t expect it to last that long. There is still a slight whiff of burning from the motor each time I use it, but it’s still throwing out the smoothies. Bless!

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