Overachievers Anonymous Much?


I honestly wasn’t looking for this stat. Honest.

Okay. I sense you don’t believe me. That’s okay. We’re cool with that.

I’m not sure I even necessarily believe it, but I was slightly tickled nonetheless.

What does it mean? I mean, really mean? No idea. I guess the stats are the stats. I guess I am running a lot lately. I am training for a marathon, I suppose, so I should be running a lot. It never occured to me what that meant in the Garmin world. The Garmin world of old geezers.

So, Friday is Expo Day. It will be Mark’s first marathon expo, and it’s been some journey getting here. His background story deserves to be told, but it is not my story to tell. The main thing is that we both get to the toe the line (literally) on Sunday morning. And if Mark’s recent incident with a ladder is anything to go by, nothing is guaranteed!

It appears he came down awkwardly on his ankle over the weekend and had to make an emergency pit stop to his favourite physio. It was all looking a bit grim, but she has worked her magic on him and we were out jogging today in the park and he seems fine. He’s certainly in a lot better form than he was on Sunday anyway…

So we are officially in taper week, with the race on Sunday morning. The weather currently looks favourable though I am loathe to even type that, as it tends to deteriorate the closer you get to kick off. For now, it should be dry, cold and with little wind. Just about ideal, really.

And now, off to find my race socks…

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