Resetting the clock

Well, in contrast to the last blog post, which was about three and a half million words long, give or take a million, this will be blissfully short.

We’re just back from a long weekend break in London. Good times.

We did some touristy stuff, but mostly visited markets and ate and drank like it was going out of fashion. Well, I do the drinking these days. S has better things to be doing. Lots of markets (Camden Town, Brick Lane, Old Spitalfields), plus a little dabble in the Notting Hill Carnival, and a wonderful meal in Darbys Restaurant.


Speaking of S, here she is, in front of HMS Belfast. As you do.

And here’s me, at the other end of the ship…



We stayed with dear old friends, and were treated like royalty.

And today, I had my first run since Connemara. Went out with Mark and we did about 4 or 5 miles. I went out naked, which is to say, I wasn’t wearing the Garmin watch. If it’s not on Garmin, it never happened. Bah.

It was just nice to be out running just for running’s sake. Legs are still a bit tired, and indeed, the blisters on my left foot had opened up in London (we did a lot of walking, and it was very hot), so they look a bit nasty tonight. But they’ll be fine in a week or two.

Good to reset the clock.

Even if there wasn’t any clock, per se.

6 thoughts on “Resetting the clock

  1. LOVE the white hair S!!!!
    Love London… my fave city!!!
    Running ‘naked’ is the best… I am actually considering ditching the watch, the blog and the IG account and getting back to basics… hmmm… yah, it will be hard!
    Hope the blisters heal quick!

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