A step too far

Winter is well and truly upon us. The bird feeders have been stocked, firewood has been delivered and stacked, and shopping bags are starting to accumulate in the bedroom, with orders not to look inside. On Saturday, I dragged my weary bones over to Castletown House demense to see if I could make a dent … More A step too far

Taper time…

IN WHICH MONTHS OF TRAINING ARE NEARING AN END, AND WE CAST A COLD EYE ON THE DUBLIN MARATHON COURSE, PLUS AUTUMN THROWS UP A FEW GOLDEN MOMENTS… Well, that seems to have come around fairly quickly. My mate and I have been training for the Dublin Marathon (how do you know someone is training … More Taper time…

Business as usual

Well it’s been a funny old week or so. We got Dad home from the hospital on Thursday, which is great news. He’s doing well, and seems to have no lasting effects from the stroke. He’ll have to take it easy, but that’s easier said than done. I’ll have to hide his van keys for … More Business as usual


IN WHICH THE EPIC SPORTING SUCCESS TOOK PLACE ON THE RUGBY PITCH, WHILST THE FAR MORE MODEST EXPLOITS OF ONE M.A.F.* TOOK A BACK SEAT… After Ireland’s success in the Six Nations (that’s rugby, for those that live under a rock, or certainly, not on this particular rock), there were high hopes for the two … More Epic