Business as usual


Well it’s been a funny old week or so. We got Dad home from the hospital on Thursday, which is great news. He’s doing well, and seems to have no lasting effects from the stroke. He’ll have to take it easy, but that’s easier said than done. I’ll have to hide his van keys for a start…

With the Barrow Run sneaking up (it’s just over a month away now), training needs to step up a gear. With my normal running partner out sick (well, crocked; he broke a bone in his hand last time we went for a run. I know. And they say running is a healthy sport!) I am back out on my own again.

In the last week I’ve managed to clock up four runs, the longest of which was 20k yesterday. 10k more today, just to get the legs used to running when they are tired. A run during the week was cut short when I encountered escaped sheep and I spent so much time faffing about on the phone trying to track down someone who actually gave a damn that I went home. But not before someone’s dog tried to bite me. Sigh.

Beats being run over by a car I suppose…

The gym sessions have also continued, and that’s a positive. I do have a slight niggle in the left knee, so I am cutting back on heavy stuff like squats, but of course, being a runner with a stubborn/daft streak, I tend to ignore niggles/tweaks and suspected injuries on the basis that they will get bored and go away if I ignore them. It’s not a reputable medical strategy I would recommend to anyone, but it’s a philosophy I have used with some success. Though I should point out that I do exercises three times a week aimed at staving off potential IT band problems…

Dr. Unironedman will see you now!

Anyway, that’s all for now, as they say. We’re gearing up for this longish run, and some days I think it will be a doddle and I’ll have knocked out 60k in no time, and other times I wonder if it’s going to descend into some nightmare slog where I just want to give up and throw myself into the river (which will at least be going in the right direction).

But I guess if keep the training going at a reasonable pace, then it should be what I suspect it will be: eminently doable, at times somewhat trying, but overall, satisfying.

And Holly? What does Holly think? In fairness, when she’s coming down the stairs, it requires all her concentration not to go arse over tit, so she isn’t really thinking about anything in this picture. Not even food. And that’s saying something!


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