Floral interlude


It’s a tricky thing, Spring. It arrives at varying times according to who you are talking to at the time. Astronomer. Wiccan. Celt. Meteorologist. Farmer.

Weather folks tend to go for the 1st March. It’s clean and simple. Astronomers favour the 1st of February. Though some work off the Vernal Equinox, and have a different date. Others really don’t give a flying f*ck but we shall ignore these scoundrels.

I like to let the flowers decide, as they spend all their time waiting for the weather to do its thing before they risk their season. And in the woods nearby where I do most of my running, I naturally see all the changes on a near-daily basis. First up are the Celandines, then the orgy of Anemones, dotted with Primrose and Violets. And then the pungent Ramsons (Wild Garlic) with their pretty white flowers. That’s them up above.

And we have a few specialties as well, such as the Toothwort, and blow-ins, like the Monkshood. As the Summer progresses, all of these have done their thing, and vanish for another year. That’s why May is my favourite month.

There have been several runs since the last post. I notice last week was a good one with over 50k clocked up. This week, not so good, with about 35k, but the plan is to do a long run tomorrow, so assuming I get the 20 odd k I am planning, we should top that 50 mark without too much trouble.

Swims and gym continue to top up the fitness regime.

The Great Barrow Run is less than a month away now, so the slow countdown begins. What to bring on such a journey? Without doubt, the secret is to travel light. Our first day will see us travel about 60k through the county of Kildare along the Grand Canal, before we pick up the Barrow River and Carlow. With S on the bike, and me running, there’s no need to be weighed down with too much luggage. Quite what the hotel in Carlow will make of us when finally rock up is another matter. Still, all we need is a change of clothes each, and in my case, that really only means running gear.

As we plan to have the car at the end of the second leg on Day 2, we will pile any gear we need into that, so we can change into something cosy, and hopefully find somewhere to eat. The village at the end of the Way is not that big, so my fear is we arrive late to find there is nowhere serving food. But we’ll worry about that later.

For now, it’s the steady countdown to the off, and a classic unironedman list of things vital to the journey will get underway.


Here’s a trailer for the next episode. Trailer! Geddit? No? Okay…

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