Bless your little cotton socks…

Field Scabious; one of my all-time faves.

Well it was nearly three years ago to the day when I set up this blog, and here we are, still tippin’ away. I should probably do a little spring-cleaning… well, perhaps that’s not the right phrase, but certainly I could rejig the initial premise of the blog, which was to do an ironman before I turned fifty.

But we can leave that for another day.

For now we must bid goodbye to an old friend. When I started blogging (6th June, 2015), I was very much trying to look after my diet. The following day, I published my second post, which was a nod towards Lidl’s finest smoothie blender. It has finally bitten the dust. Three years isn’t bad, I suppose, for 20 quid’s worth of tech. (I also had a little smile at the first post, three years ago. No likes, and no comments. Not that we judge these things accordingly, but it was funny nonetheless. Now S, don’t go liking it now, ok?)

In other news, my son has been out for a few runs with me this last week, which is a real pleasure. I hope he keeps it up. He certainly has the legs and build of a runner. And my own legs seem to have recovered well from their exertions recently along the Barrow Way. Training for the Dublin Marathon will kick in next month, so we’ll keep clocking up the runs with Mark in preparation for the programme. We’ll use the one that got me around under four hours last year.


The weather has been great, and the garden has been blooming. S and I managed our first open water swim of the year out at Lough Owel. It was busy, due to the fine weather. But beautiful.

And Holly. Well the little dote gets deafer each month. But this particular pose caught my eye. It was a case of ‘if I hide under my ear, then they can’t see me…’


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