A quick update

Week Three comes and goes. Monday was a warm 10k recovery run. Bad idea. Left it ’til the hottest part of the day. Took just over the hour and I lost three gallons of sweat. Okay, maybe not three. Later that evening we had to do a BA exercise in Newbridge, which is a core … More A quick update

Training to a T

“Ripper Street: Tournament of Shadows (#1.6)” (2013) [last lines] Isaac Bloom: Joshua was right. Justice has become a commodity. Is this the shadow of what is to be, Inspector? My brother used to say the future belongs to men of reason, not of faith. Detective Inspector Edmund Reid: On that I would agree with him. … More Training to a T

The 50@50

Yesterday was a long day. Any day when you get up early and try to run 50k straight is probably going to constitute a long day. The night before was the classic preparation and gear check. Or in my case, multiple gear checks. But here’s the odd thing. If it’s not on the list you … More The 50@50

Damn good

Time rolls on N’ that’s as it should be Here and gone Seems to move so quickly ‘Damn Good’ Dave Lee Roth The training has been okay this week. Plenty of miles on the clock. Probably at the limit now, or certainly, I am getting some messages from the legs to say we’ve had enough. I’ll … More Damn good

Strange days

Nobody told me there’d be days like these Nobody told me there’d be days like these Nobody told me there’d be days like these Strange days indeed – most peculiar, mama ‘Nobody Told Me’ John Lennon I haven’t really been following a programme for this long distance triathlon. It’s an odd thing how, as the … More Strange days