When September Ends

Given the personal tragedy behind the lyrics, it’s a piss-poor co-opting of a song title to start a blog post, but I suspect Billie Joe won’t mind (and hey, we bought Foreverly with yourself and Norah, so hey-ho… swings and roundabouts and all that). Anyway, the point, if indeed there was a point, is that … More When September Ends

Checking in

A quick recap of the week: Monday: 10k recovery run of reasonable pace. Tuesday: Speed work. Yuk. Has to be done. Over 14k of laps, around and around and around the pitches… Wednesday: Another recovery run of just over 10k. Thursday: Tempo run of just over 13k, below the target pace of 5:35. Friday: Recovery … More Checking in

Week Four

IN WHICH A TEMPO RUN TURNS INTO A RUN-LIKE-HELL RUN, WE DISCUSS THE FASCINATING DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MILES AND KILOMETRES*, AND HOLLY SAYS… WELL, WHAT SHE ALWAYS SAYS… When you’re in a six-days a week programme, life becomes a bit of a blur. If you’re not checking the weather to see when’s good to run, you’re … More Week Four

A quick update

Week Three comes and goes. Monday was a warm 10k recovery run. Bad idea. Left it ’til the hottest part of the day. Took just over the hour and I lost three gallons of sweat. Okay, maybe not three. Later that evening we had to do a BA exercise in Newbridge, which is a core … More A quick update