The best laid plans

Well, the good news is that sun has finally made an appearance. Also, on the positive side of the balance sheet, the blender is still holding up.

There isn’t really a downside per se. I just need to pick a training plan for the Half-Iron race that seems to be the best option as a primer for Hard Man next year. The one I am looking at is Ireman up near Bangor on the Ards Peninsula.

I don’t have a coach. I can’t afford one. I shop in Lidl; not just for groceries but also for any amount of lycra and other odds and ends. But I do have a very good friend and confidant who will double as a coach over the next while. Hi TC. And when I say ‘double’ I mean TC will point out home truths without fear or favour (a phrase grotesquely over-used by Irish politicians). TC is actually a real coach and a veteran sprint cycling champion on the track. And a superb craftsman to boot. He will run the rule over whatever plan I pull out of cyberspace, and hopefully give it a tweak.

The Ireman race is Sunday 27th September so that gives us the guts of four months to get back up to speed again. Since Athy, all I’ve managed is a couple of swims in the pool. Best get clickin’

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