Runners. Can’t run without ’em. Well, I guess some folks do. There’s not much to say about runners other than perhaps do try and spend a little more on them than you would like. The pair on the right are your typical budget runner which you can pick up in most sport stores for about 40 quid.

The pair on the left are the runner-de-jour. They are Adidas Boost and I can’t recall what they cost but probably around 100 quid. I fitted a pair of those elastic laces, and I wear them on the bike, and then don’t have to change in transition. I’m sure there’s no real benefit here, though I have a very impressive T2 time from Lough Key 😉

If you are feeling flathulach (generous) then you could treat yourself to a gait analysis at one of those really high-tech stores where they put you on a treadmill and video your running stride and suggest a pair of suitable runners.

Call me cynical, but they always seem to suggest the most expensive pair in the shop anyway, so maybe you could save the time and hassle and just buy the dear pair. It will make a salesperson very happy.

Runners all have a lifespan. I bought the second cheaper pair to prolong the life of the good pair. And for that ‘new runner’ look, just pop them in the washing machine now and again, and they come out sparkling.runners

3 thoughts on “Runners

  1. …absolutely splendid and a delight to review. And a thought as you tie up your shoelaces and leave the security of your kitchen. Embrace the trio of self doubt, surrealism and absurdity which will be frequent visitors on the journey you’ve undertaken. God alone knows where they may lead you but you’re more than a match…


  2. Cheers m’dears. There are so many things to think about, one of the items I found useful were the elastic laces. They teeter between Fisher Price and hi-tech, but they save valuable seconds in transition. Which of course is vital in a race that could take me 17 hours to complete!


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