Up and down the hill

I was hoping to round off week 2’s training with a nice long, easy run.

Then I checked the programme.

It said: 2. Hills/technique. Further explanation revealed a warm up of 10-15 mins followed by 8-10 x 30 sec hill repeats on a 4-5% incline. And then something about posture, cadence and knee drive, but my eyes had already glazed over. I knew there was only one hill for the job.

I kitted out in the running gear but dithered around the house for a while, mustering up the enthusiasm for one more outing. I think the 90+ kms on the road had taken a serious bite out of my energy levels. Still, it had to be done. The warm up was tackled, and then to the foot of the hill which leads to St. Catherine’s Well. Seems like an apt finishing point to turn, jog back and repeat. And repeat. And repeat…

St. Catherine's Well. It's in need of some serious TLC.
St. Catherine’s Well. It’s in need of some serious TLC.
I did ten in all, and two positive things came out of it.

One; my breakfast smoothie, which had occasionally sent gentle reminders of its presence in my stomach, had threatened a full scale comeback and a repeat of its own. Well, it behaved and stayed put. Two; the hamstrings, which would have been well within their rights to snap, crackle and pop, also decided to behave and do their job.

The warm down was a tough, sweaty affair which was done at 80% effort. Well, according to the programme it was. I cannot, hand on heart, say what effort I put in, but I picked it up as best I could.

Showered down and watched a good chunk of the Tour de France. Well, you know, a stage, anyway. Those boys are doing about 180kms in an average speed of 40km/h, and that’s with hills and mountains. If they’re not on drugs, they should be…

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