One down, two to go…

There now follows a brief post on progress to date. The first month of the programme has been completed, and we’re now well into Week 5 of the second month. Yesterday was a tough one. The weather was very mild, which all sounds terrifically inoffensive and pleasant, if you are planning a picnic. I was still under the kosh at the station in terms of time off, so was on a short leash. Knowing I can make it back to the station from the pitches in the Park, I made that my destination, and decided to do some speed work.

The Trades Description Act could have been called into action (Trade Descriptions Act 1968. Under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, it is a criminal offence for a trader to make false statements about goods or services offered… etcetera, etcetera, yadda, yadda…). There didn’t seem to be much speed, in other words. I battered around the perimeter of the pitches, with one short ‘leg’ as a warm down on each lap, which would total about 1 kilometre.

What I lacked in gazelle-like sprightliness, I made up for in consistency. Each timed run was about three and a half minutes. I managed about five of these. I normally enjoy a run, no matter how I am feeling, but that was tough. I was sweating buckets and plodded home, feeling a little downtrodden.

The stats don't lie.
The stats don’t lie.

Today, there was no change in crewing, so back to the station gym and all aboard for some stationary misery. I think I’d be happier on the bike if there was a little breeze somewhere, and maybe the odd spot of rain. Then I could pretend I was outdoors.

Still, I managed close to 45 kms in an hour and twenty minutes, which I would give my right arm for in a triathlon. Well, okay. Who says these silly things. I’d certainly be very pleased with it. And hang on to all my limbs.

I suspect my average pulse rate has gone down as well, despite managing to get the speed up to a steady 35 km/h during the 20 minute bursts.

Who knows. Maybe this training lark is paying off!

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