The last piece of the puzzle

Well, this is a short post. I have just bought my One Day Licence which is required to race in the Hardman Long Distance event this August.

There’s something rather exciting about that. Maybe I need to get out more often…


Anyway, in other news, Iceland have been officially adopted by, oh, just about every nation on the planet. Bar England, of course. Ireland usually claim everyone in the end. I mean, we managed to find Obama’s relations in Co. Offaly, for feck sake! In the case of Iceland, notwithstanding the similarity in name, there were Irish monks on that volcanic outpost many centuries ago, and more went across as slaves to Vikings. I mean, check out the ginger beard on the captain, Aron Gunnarsson, for starters šŸ™‚

They dumped England out of the Euros, and there followed a tsunami of jokes at England’s expense. Some of them were rather good šŸ˜‰ Many of them referred to England exiting Europe twice in three days; that sort of thing. The English press eviscerated anyone vaguely connected to the team. In truth, of course, they are part of the ugly charade that is the Premiership, whereĀ players are vastly overpaid, and often overrated, and home-grown talent is usually overlooked for an off-the-shelf player from abroad. It’s all about results, not about the health of the game.

TheĀ EnglandĀ manager, Roy Hodgson, resigned straight after the match, and what was odd about that was that he had a speech already prepared. I know the Brits are always well preparedĀ (for instance, the BBC had the Queen Mother’s funeral plans ready to rumble for years) but that did seem rather hasty.

The celebrations will of course be best remembered for the ‘Icelandic Haka’, as it’s been branded.

Click here if you have been hiding under a large rock with no wifi, and have managed to avoid this wonderful spectacle. Make sure to turn your speakers up to full, and make the windows rattle.

viĆ° elskum Ć¾ig ƍsland!

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