Once more unto the breach…

So oddly enough, this will probably be the last post before the race (though hopefully not the last post and chorus, ha ha!)

It’s hard to believe the final week has begun. The race is this Saturday, and in case you’re a casual passer-by to the blog, you can find all the details you need here. It’s my first full-distance triathlon, and to say the pressure is building would be an understatement.

Most of my family, friends and work colleagues are aware I am doing ‘one of those iron man thingies.’ And we just had the official ironman 70.3 in Dublin over the weekend, so I had a few messages wishing me luck a week ahead of schedule. No harm. They’ll keep.

Just to tidy up a bit of paperwork:

Monday 8th: rest day.

Tuesday 9th: swim in the morning; 70 lengths in the 45 minutes session.

Wednesday 10th: run in the park with Mark, and we knocked out a 9.52k in 53.10 @ 5:35 pace. Probably not what a coach would have suggested, but sometimes you just have to put the foot down a wee bit.

Thursday 11th: a quick gym bike session; 27k in 45 minutes. That’s 36km/h and I am watching the track cycling from the Olympics as I type this, so whilst I was impressed with it at the time, it looks rather measly now.

Friday 12th: an evening swim, and the standard mile in 45 minutes.

Saturday 13th: 11.65k run with Mark @ 5:43 pace.

Sunday was a rest day, and as we head into the final week, I may take it easy today as well. I have been watching a lot of the Olympics, and that means some late nights. What I really need is an early night. Or indeed a few of them.

I have a swim planned for the morning, and will get out on the bike for an easy spin, and no doubt have a light jog. But that will be it. It’s all done. The rest of the week will be a blur of work, sleep and ever-growing piles of gear that will slowly build up and take over the kitchen table.

And there’s a long list to be compiled and slowly ticked off.

But for now, that’s it. We’re done. Hopefully next time I post I will have some good news to report.

Slán tamaill.

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