220 Triathlon gives the Hardman a nod

A few weeks ago, the organiser and beating heart of Hardman, Alan Ryan, gave me a call. He said the top UK triathlon magazine 220 Triathlon were doing a piece on the best long distance (i.e. ironman) triathlons to do for beginners. He asked me if I’d write a short piece for the April edition of their magazine.

Does a bear? Is the Pope? Those sorts of phrases popped into my head!

Not long after, I was sending off my thoughts to Matt Baird, the Features Editor, and with a few tweaks, we were happy. And here is the result…


I haven’t done a great job on the scan, but rest assured the quality of the photos and printing all around is excellent, and I have a lot of years working in the design and print industry under my belt.

And of course, I do recommend you buy a copy, if triathlon is your thing. Their website is always full of useful info too. I have used some of their free training plans in the past. Lovely working with you, Matt, and thanks for the plug on the blog.

And a big shout out to Alan and the crew down in Killarney. They have added several events to their calendar this year, so you can choose from the sprint, the Olympic and the half, as well as the full monty, the Hardman. Check them out here.

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