Safe travels

Wood Anemones in St. Catherine’s Park.

Just a quick shout out to Kristian at MdS Challenge who’s heading off to the world’s biggest desert to do a light spot of running. Here’s the official website if you fancy checking up on the factual stuff.

I am of course talking about the Marathon des Sables, sables being the French for sands. So the Marathon des Sables (or MdS) is a six-day jaunt in the desert with a combined total of about 250k. In the heat. Self-supported.

Needless to say, it has earned the title of toughest foot race in the world, though no doubt there are other multi-event ultra marathons out there somewhere that would claim that title.

The pic above has nothing to do with that at all. I just took it the other day in the local woods ‘coz they are my faves.

I am running a timed 5k tomorrow evening, and have been asked to be the 25 minute pacer. It’s nice to be asked. Mark and I ran the route last night just to get our bearings. Mark will run it as a competitor, so I am hoping he clocks a PB. It’s his home patch, and he’s in good shape.

I just hope I don’t run too fast, which is what I did last night. Hard to keep the watch at 5 minute pace all the time. I think I may have a balloon tied to me… that might slow me down a bit!

Anyway, good luck Kristian. It’s gonna be tropic!

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