A film with me in it…

Back in September, I had a little adventure. You can read the blog post here: https://unironedman.com/2020/09/15/a-right-royal-triathlon/

I know avid readers of this blog have already devoured this post, printed it out, and are eagerly awaiting their T-shirts in the post… (Sorry, what? There are T-Shirts? No-one told me there would be T-shirts!)

Anyway, between the jigs and the reels and a global pandemic, I managed to cobble together a short(ish) film to celebrate the event. And to celebrate just getting out there and doing something. And celebrate family and friends. And celebrate the great resource that is the Royal Canal.

That’s a lot of celebrating! Anyway, here’s the link to the film.


There is a little mild cursing in there, but it’s not Tarantino, okay? In Irish parlance, we would deem it ‘conversation’.

See you all out there somewhere.

9 thoughts on “A film with me in it…

  1. Wonderful fillum! Loved the empty roads at the start of day, the chance barge-captain encounter, the left-right swing of the visuals showing us both sides of the track. But my gawd, Dec, fer shure, do your artistic talent a favor and spring for the better equipment next time, ya cheapskate bastard.

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