Streaking continues…

The run streak continues. According to Garmin, we have 162.62k on the clock for the month of December, which neatly tips the daily average to just over 7k. This is largely due to the weekend just gone when we pushed the boat out a bit and did over 14 on Saturday and followed it up with 10 on Sunday. And at good paces too, which is encouraging. Perhaps all this running is finally paying off?

Anyway, all runs have been completed fully-clothed. If you are curious about naked running (and who isn’t?), then by all means Google away. Perhaps not at work, for there are indeed a few marquee events around the globe where you can strip off and run around in the altogether. Roskilde in Denmark will no doubt, er, pop up in your window.

I also love this delightful double entendre:

What the organizers at Berck-sur-Mer in the northern French department (state) of Pas-de-Calais didn’t imagine when they came up with the idea of a first naked running competition was its popular reception. A few days after the announcement, and much to their surprise, they were overwhelmed with the widespread internet buzz. “We didn’t think it would arouse such interest,” said Philippe Lehembre, president of Hauts-de-France Naturists organizers of the first “Naturopathic Foulées (Naturist Strides). “We thought we’d get 10 people.”

Arouse such interest indeed.

Anyway, this is Ireland, in winter. I would die of hypothermia long before I was arrested.

The 5k this evening was nice and nippy. By nippy, I mean fast. And by fast, I mean under 23 and a half minutes, at 4:40 pace. This is what happens when I wear my triathlon ‘speedy’ slip-ons and go for a run slightly annoyed due to work.

Anyway, the next post will probably be in the new year. By then, hopefully the Marcothon will be complete (and we should break the 200k barrier too) and we’ll have rounded off the year with a few mates doing a half-marathon along the canal.

So have a lovely Christmas and peaceful new year, and stay safe out there, good people.

12 thoughts on “Streaking continues…

  1. I Googled it. (“If you are curious . . .”? Well, how not?) Roskilde may be top of the list for you Euro types. I got “Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K”, held in Palmerton, Pennsylvania this last September. The NY Times article “How to Run a Naked 5K in Shoes, Socks, and Not Much Else” offers this advice to those running in bugger-all for the very first time: “Run as if you have clothes on.”
    Congrats on you new PBs, Dec. Well done 🙂

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