Spring is here at last

Snowdrops at Castletown

Today is the first day of Spring. And look, if you disagree, that’s okay. It’s a free country (for now, though there is a growing list of countries that are not free at all, at all; looking at you, Myanmar…). If you are one of those types who doesn’t understand Brigid’s Day and the importance of the four quarters in Irish folklore, well… maybe I’ll have to do another post on that one day.

On the last day of what has been a fairly wet and miserable January, I took myself off for a decent run. It had been a so-so month for clocking up miles. In my defence, I’ve been doing a little gym work three days a week to get working on the legs and some basic core work. With the station gym out of action, I’ve made a little collection of resistance bands, and borrowed a couple of items from across the road: a sit-up bench and a few dumbbells. The basic routine starts with legs and bands and then moves to planks, and then a few other staples, such as press ups, dips, squats; that sort of thing.

The OMIL (https://theomil.wordpress.com/author/theomil/) and I share a love for running and biking, and we’re also both the other side of the half century (and opposite sides of the pond). And so looking after one’s bits and pieces becomes essential. Achilles, IT bands, hip flexors; they all need some TLC. We both do our bit to ensure the motor passes its MOT. Neglecting this is usually a bad idea. But I admit, 45 minutes in a shed when I could be out running is a tough ask. I just need to convince my brain that it’s a worthwhile investment.

My run took me into the park, and then out towards Lucan and along a nice, quiet, winding country road. With all the rain of late, even the tarmac was flooded. The road snakes along through fields towards the state labs and then splits; here I headed back towards home and then took a left once across the Liffey and in to the demesne of Castletown House. More wet paths, but I was well wrapped up.

Primroses shouldn’t be out just yet. But here we are…

Once out of the grounds, I had one more detour to take: another left towards the canal rather than the quicker route home. It was along here my Mam rang to say they were up at the local supermarket and the car battery had gone dead. Now look. My Mam reads this blog. So yes, they got a ticking off for going out. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve reminded them not to be going out at the moment, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. DEAF EARS I TELLS YA! Do you hear me? As I was still a bit away from home and set of jump leads, I rang my good mate Jim to do the needful. Everybody should have a Jim as best mate. Not only did he make sure they got home okay, he took their car for a spin up the motorway to give the battery some life.

A pair of Mute Swans on the Royal Canal

I made it home eventually; dirty runners, soaking feet and close to 19k under the belt. I soaked away the grime in a hot bath until the heat had reached the bones. Then I threw my Sauconys in at the end for a nice scrub up. They deserved it 😉


4 thoughts on “Spring is here at last

  1. NA FÉILE BRIGHDE! Happy Spring, Dec!! The true cross-quarter almost never falls on Feb 2nd — but this year, it does! Tonight is Imbolc Eve.
    Good on ya for a great run to celebrate. As for the pics, Bonnie looks bonnie, the swans as well, the primroses are premature, ah but those snowdrops are divine.

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    1. Ah cheers. Well, in fairness, I rarely get the dates right! I would have made a lousy witch. There have been calls for Brigid’s Day to be made into a national holiday here, which I think would be lovely. As long as we celebrate on the understanding that this is a pagan festival. 🙂

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