Third time’s a charm

Could there be anything more trivial to worry about than getting new runners during a pandemic? I suppose there probably are. I will resist the urge to find them, but I think each of us have had those moments in the last year or so.

My own running footwear situation here was getting a little threadbare. Each of the pairs that I own were falling apart in their own way. Gaping holes in the Asics trail runners, soles coming away from uppers in the two pairs of Sauconys… I can’t really complain. I have really put them all through the ringer, and the Sauconys in particular have had the kind of mileage a Cuban taxi driver would admire. They should all have been retired a long time ago.

The on-and-off lockdown scenarios here in Ireland have essentially made a mockery of anything approaching planning. Not that I would be famous around these parts for forward-planning, but I knew a new pair of runners were on the list of lists. But I had had a so-so experience trying to replace the Asics with some Salomons, online, and then I went again at the end of last year when we hit another Level 5 lockdown, and once again, I proved the rather blindingly obvious truism that shopping for shoes online is a lottery. Or, for my American friends out there, a crapshoot.

The second time of asking, I ordered some Adidas, and they arrived, and were too tight. I figured a half-size up might do the trick and re-boxed them and sent them back into the void.

The void eventually emailed back to say they had credited my PayPal account and thank you very much for returning the runners and (not) shopping with us…

But what about the lovely note I had included? ‘Thank you for these wonderful shoes, but alas they are a little tight, and perhaps could you see your way to fishing out a pair a little bigger (any colour at all!) and send them back. Many thanks. In anticipation. Yours, etc.’

I guess nobody has time to read notes these days. Quicker to cancel the deal.

Anyway, I had to shell out for the return, so I was out of pocket about 11 quid. The other company I had shopped with earlier for the Salomons have a much better returns policy and pick up the tab for the delivery charges. So that’s where I went.

If you want to read a review of the Adidas Boston shoes, then I recommend this site.

I suspect any athletes out there who do a little research on shoes before they buy will be familiar with this guy. Really comprehensive and honest reviews.

These particular pair are not top of the range by any stretch. But they will fill a gap until the next time. From my pre-purchase reviews, they seemed like a safe enough bet, but I had missed the part about them being a narrow fit. I had ordered 8.5 the first time around, as I like a snug shoes, and it’s a size I start with in the shop if they have them. Well, this range of shoes is very snug, because this new pair is 9.5, and a great fit. So if you happen to be in the market and fancy these, then bear that in mind. At least a half-size, and maybe a full size bigger than you would normally get. Assuming you are crazy enough to play the ‘Let’s Buy Shoes Online; What Could Possibly Go Wrong’ game…

I still have an old pair of Adidas Boost from a few years back, and they are great for triathlons and 5ks. My only real dilemma now is that I am under pressure to throw out an old pair of runners, and that’s always a bit of a wrench. Old runners are companions, and each bears the marks of the warrior that carried you into and out of battle. It’s tough to cast them aside after such loyal service.

So I will probably put a pair out in the shed, where I have a special retirement home shelf for old runners that are no longer fit for the rigours of war.

Be safe out there.

10 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm

  1. But … but new runners are absolutely essential during pandemic times, aren’t they? Worn-out shoes undermine your fitness routines and could even lead to injuries. Last thing you need during a pandemic is for your health to wane or an injury to bring you to hospital. So good on ya for shoe-shopping self-care. 😉

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