New shoes

Me? A shill for the corporate gods of marketing war and the big machine of global free-market capitalism? Never! Unless, of course, there’s a pandemic on, and all my runners are literally falling apart at the seams, and the shops are closed. In which case, yes; maybe… And as someone adroitly pointed out, you can’t … More New shoes

The Great Barrow Run

We’re about 5k south of Carlow, and there is a diversion off the Barrow Way for essential maintenance. At first, being Irish, you assume the plastic barriers, warning tape and signs couldn’t possibly mean you. But as you begrudgingly leave the towpath that has become something of a lifeline over the previous day, you spy … More The Great Barrow Run

50 not out

I am a runner. Let me explain. Perhaps I should start from this morning. With sausages. And black and white pudding. With eggs, tea and toast. In bed. A cooked breakfast in bed? On a Monday morning? What is this sorcery? And gifts! Gifts and cards. That can only mean one thing. Another turn of … More 50 not out