Say hello, heatwave goodbye…

How’s your global warming going? We’ve just had record heat for Ireland, and across the water, the Brits have been scorched with temperatures into the forties, which is, you will not be surprised to hear, another record. Monday just gone was our hottest day, and it’s been warm for quite a while. I’ve taken to cooling down in the local lake, which is blissful. Running has all but stopped now that we are into the last week.

I’m in the final throes before the big run on Sunday, so to be honest, I can’t keep my head straight. I’ve a few things to tidy up before the off, so I am going to keep this mercifully short.

(No cheering at the back there!)

Here are a few pics from recent jaunts:

Hard to tell what the weather is going to do by Sunday, though it looks like it will be warm. Current forecasts suggest some breeze, with the odd scattered shower, and temperatures into the twenties. I don’t mind a little rain, and if there’s a breeze, it will be welcome, assuming there is still that much heat about. But this is subject to change, of course.

So, fare thee well, wonderful people. Fingers crossed, and all that stuff. I shall be back next week with a report. πŸ™‚

Going for a long run, you say? Good luck with that, human…

8 thoughts on “Say hello, heatwave goodbye…

    1. Cheers. I hope the run is an adventure, though it may cease to be delightful after the first marathon is covered… but sure, as my wife is fond of telling me, I do it to myself. I shall be doubling-up on the bladders in the hydration pack, and adding electrolytes, so hopefully I will avoid the dreaded cramps.

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