Buy the rights…

‘A Day on the Way’ worldwide film release*

Pele yells, “We’re outta here, ” Zina says, “Right on”
Making moves and starting grooves before they knew we were gone
Jumped into the Chevy and headed for big lights
Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights…

‘How Bizarre’

The film is complete. Given that it clocks in at just under 44 minutes, it technically breaches the Academy rules, and therefore, without some judicious editing, cannot be considered for an Oscar in the Short Film Category.

Here is the link, and how you watch it is entirely up to you. (Note: the current YouTube default setting seems to be at a lowly 360p, despite assurances that it will be available at 1080p, which is what it should be viewed at. If you’re not getting the option to watch it at a decent resolution, I’d say hang on for a bit.)

So get yerselves a big bowl of nachos and dips, and popcorn. And ice cream.

Then eat all that shit, clean up, and sit down and watch the movie, okay? I really hate all that food in the cinema, even if I can’t actually see you eating it. Just the thought of it… 😉

The age restriction is not particularly merited, though there may be some brief and partial nudity and some mild swearing, and so I took my daughter’s sage advice and made it ‘not for kids’. In truth, no sensible kid would make it past the first two minutes, so you’re probably safe enough.

Anyway, I poured my little heart and soul into this, so I hope ye like it. We were operating on a very small budget (i.e. nothing), with a very small crew (i.e. me), and everything is pretty much done in one take on the hoof. It’s all shot on the GoPro Hero 7, with one or two iPhone clips. It was all cobbled together on HitFilm Express, which is a rather nifty and free piece of film editing software. I am using a Mac, but it’s available on PC too.

The music was recorded at home in my rather cramped office –cum-studio, as were the voice-overs.

I note (with a wry smile) that my first attempt at a short film (A Right Royal Triathlon) which detailed my journey of about 147km along the Royal Canal is about half the length of this latest outing, which covers a distance of about 115kms. So the journeys are getting shorter, but the films are getting longer.

Look out, Heaven’s Gate!

Chat soon, lovely people.

* technically, this is correct…

10 thoughts on “Buy the rights…

  1. So I’m currently away at a wedding and this morning presented an opportunity to watch this on the YouTube enabled tv in our bedroom… YouTube enabled when there isn’t an age restriction! 🤣 oh well, I’ll have to wait til I get home to enjoy it on the big screen!

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  2. Ah, Dec, it’s wonderful! Great camera work, and brilliant for someone on the run! And you hit all the right notes — graceful introduction, long-look-back on what got you here, runner’s-view all the glorious way (not what most tourists see, but dang! it brought ME back!), hysterical Intermission break (I’d have gone with “We’re experiencing technical difficulties”, but that may be a stage manager thing), the morning after, and at last the long, luxurious, well-earned soak. I’m sharing it madly, big thanks for a lovely film.

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    1. Cheers m’dears. Would you believe, I can send you the recorded voice-over of ‘technical difficulties’ and it didn’t seem to work for me. In fact, any VO at that stage just seemed to irk me. So I went with type. Maybe I’d had enough of hearing myself at that point.
      Anyway, thanks as always. 🙏


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