Slaving over a hot computer…

Just a quick blog post to update both my readers on the last month since Declan’s Way. I’ve been back out running again, and spending quite a bit of my spare time on the short film of the run. I have it at rough cut stage now, so I will let the hare sit for a day or so before I review it with somewhat fresher eyes and ears. Then it will be reviewed by my toughest critic ever; my daughter, Tamsyn. There will be tears and blood on the floor (all mine) as I fight for every second of footage. 😉

I expect in a week or less I will be able to post it up on YouTube, and then you can have at it!

I have also become part of a fundraising crew that will run Dublin City Marathon at the end of October. It’s a firefighter’s thing, and much more on that later when I have some details for you all. It’s a great cause, needless to say.

And if that goes okay, as a training run, I may make one final assault on my marathon PB at the end of the year. And yes, there’ll be more on that too!

Ciao for now.

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