Mmmm… new(ish) shoes!

Well. They’re here. Postman delivered the Vibrams this morning, and fair play to the seller; he picked up the tab for postage as well. Sound man you are.

They are a perfect fit, and look pretty much brand new. Very little wear.

Now the fun begins. Itching to get out, needless to say, but we have 5pm drill tonight in the station, and I’m busy in the office ’til then, plus I reckon it would be unwise to have my maiden voyage in these at night. That might just be tempting fate too much.

So more likely tomorrow. There will be a post.

Once there isn’t any of this…


3 thoughts on “Mmmm… new(ish) shoes!

  1. Remember, brother, start slow. And that muscle in the middle of your upper calf muscles is the “plantaris”. You’ll thank me later.

    Oh, and when you pull it (or them as the case may be), the answer is NOT time off. Get back out running the next day, slowly, and in your regular trainers. 😎

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