Remember that time we went running in Overland Park?


Do you remember that time we went running in Overland Park? No? Me neither.

A reasonable week’s training, in which I had Pilates on Monday, a short run with the Vibrams on Wednesday (plus an hour of five-a-side footie), a decent 10k on Friday, and then this morning, I went with Mark for the usual 10k jaunt in the park. Except I didn’t. Not according to Garmin, anyway.

I time-traveled all the way to Kansas.

What’s slightly odd about this is the Coincidence Level, which I set at Orange. This morning, my wife had posted a blog about silver shoes, and I had made a ‘ruby slippers’ gag about clicking your heels. Then when I came back from the post-run hot chocolate fest that Mark and I indulge in, S showed me a post from another blogger which referenced ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

And then I popped the watch into the cradle and uploaded the run, only to find a rather odd map staring back at me. Turns out I was running in Kansas today.

That Storm Owen must have been stronger than I thought!

“There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home…”


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