Come in, No. 6831; your time is up…

So, I have a few low-res pics from the official race photographers, and as I comfortably predicted in my last blog post, there is a lot of grimacing going on. Well, there are 54 images in total, but here’s a brief selection:


Emerging out of the shadows. In fairness, the weather was perfect for running.


Not sure where this is, but it’s near the end.


No idea who that lady is, but I am willing to bet she hasn’t run quite as far as I had.


Very near the finish, and blowing hard!


More grimace than a month of Brexit articles…


More huffing and puffing…


And I particularly like this one because all the other runners seem to be happy, waving their hands in the air, and generally pleased with themselves to be crossing the line. Number 6831 seems less pleased with the overall situation. Oh well. That’s marathon running for you, I guess. It was my best time at this distance, but someone clearly forget to tell their face…


This is the closest one I could find to anything resembling a smile. I know I did smile a few times during the race, but sadly the cameras were not around to capture those beatific moments, so they are lost for all time.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to post was a fab piece from the talented Brendan Leonard, AKA Semi-Rad.

Here’s the link:

And if you don’t already follow him, do so now. I can promise you a lot less grimacing, and a lot more chuckling. Starting with this take on marathon running.

10 thoughts on “Come in, No. 6831; your time is up…

  1. My photos weren’t much better, smile wise. They all seemed to be at the end too. I couldn’t smile either crossing the line. I envy people who look good running. Love your man’s observations- all true.

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