Three cheers for Park Run

It’s been three weeks since my last confession… well, since the Olympic Triathlon in Athy. I have done little or no structured training since, bar getting in a few swims and the odd run. This morning, I did a 5k down at my local Park Run in Griffeen Park in Lucan. It was very busy today; they are celebrating two years, and it was about as busy as I’ve ever seen it. Paul is the ringmaster and his pre-run routine on the megaphone always raises a smile.

I had to look back at the records online to see that this was my 16th run since they began, my first back in August 2013. My current PB is 21:37 and there’s no way I got near that today. But no matter. It’s not about that particularly; it’s about showing up and taking part.

The week’s holidays (including a few days in Donegal) are coming to an end. New races loom up ahead. It’s time to get one’s shit together, to be blunt.

But for now, it’s nice to bask in the gentle glow of a 5k with a large bunch of decent souls who enjoy running, and for some PB can mean anything from Personal Best to Positively Buggered.

Fair play to Paul and all who volunteer down there. I have only done so once, but will do so again this year. A great event. Three cheers for Park Run!

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