On and off the track…


Well, this blog aims to be as cryptic as it is informative, and I have standards to keep.

So, last week, we had a set-back. My two-man crew pulled out for, in fairness, good reasons, and I was left in the lurch. My brother happened to be over from Italy last weekend, and casually mentioned a desire to visit the west of Ireland in August… well, you can guess the rest! A short length of rope was produced and he was duly lassoed and dragged to the ground.

Looks like Team Unironedman is back on track.

Speaking of track, what would be an ideal way to train for a 100 mile race, when you have about a month left of serious running? Why yes! You are right. Try and beat your personal best 5k time on the local running track. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Apart from pulled muscles, strained hamstrings and torn ligaments. I mean, really… it’s just the thing.

So this week’s training schedule went right out the window as I performed a mini-taper in anticipation of going under 20 minutes for the first time ever. Alas, long and slow running for the last few months are the exact opposite of what is required, and after four or five laps, the pacer was slipping away. He had put in two fast laps to start with; indeed, by my watch, a good bit too fast. And the day was hot. But that’s strike three: no more excuses. It just wasn’t there in the legs, and I got over the line in 20:38.

That is a new PB by about 9 seconds, so under the circumstances, I suppose I should be happy. Truth be told, if I am going to crack 20 one day, I will need to dedicate myself to some serious pace and speed work. Perhaps we can mark that in for next year.

So now we must get back on track, so to speak. That’s enough foolin’ around. I’ve had to forego two long runs this weekend because of this little adventure. On the plus side, I gave myself plenty of time to warm up today, and the legs seemed to have come through unscathed.


If I could have borrowed Freya’s legs today, I might have got a PB after all. I certainly would have got a lot of strange looks!

Big shout out to everyone at Le Chéile AC for a great afternoon, and Pop-Up Races for the timing; always a great crew to work with.

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