Whoa there!

  After the excitement of the Athy triathlon and the prospect of kick-starting the marathon training programme, my body (and mostly the legs department) gave me a reality check. I had done a few decent runs in the week after the race, culminating in a parkrun. Heavy legs; slow times. No issue with that, and … More Whoa there!

Save the Park

Hi All, I haven’t posted for a while (forgive me father, for I have sinned) and that’s mostly because I have been busy with work. Not a bad complaint I guess. So, quick and dirty. Check out this petition, and please sign it and pass it on. It’s where I run all the time. It’s … More Save the Park

Ducks in a row

IN WHICH THERE ARE RUNS THAT RAN OUT, WALKS BY THE CANAL, EVEN MORE CANAL (THIS TIME IN KAYAKS) AND A NICE CODA The workout schedule has gone a little hat-stand but that’s okay. Last saturday was a short run after a long, hot day. As I recall, a good day. An early start, and then … More Ducks in a row

Betty Blue Sky

Just in the door from a run in the park. It was one of those evenings. Staring out of the office window, hoping a client would call so I could wrap up some business and get out there. The sun had set before I could grab my shoes and get on the road. I threw … More Betty Blue Sky

Land of the lobster

Well the fine weather is here at last. It won’t actually. Last, that is. It rarely sticks around for long. But it’s here right now, and it’s glorious, and everything just feels better when the sun’s out. Maybe this is what it’s like to live by the Med? Of course, being Irish, we go a … More Land of the lobster

A mixed bag

It’s been a mixed bag of a week so far. Saoirse and I were sitting out in the garden, drinking tea, what with it being sunny and all, and she asked how the training was going. She’s just signed up for her own triathlon in July. You can read about it here. If you don’t … More A mixed bag

Home improvements

Yet another week. Another Sunday. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, ou quelque chose comme ça… In a break with tradition, I’ll update the diary first. Monday: (covered briefly in the last post) contained a short swim of about 1.25k, and then a late run in the park. The run was delayed as four different drivers … More Home improvements